Hands up ….

… all those readers; who consider the practice of changing the clocks twice a year to be quite? Well, quite silly!

I find the whole practice to be laughable if it were not so plain stupid. Brought to us, by politicians. So I suppose that explains it?

I wonder who it actually benefits? If it was of benefit to society? It would be long gone by now. We can be sure of that, at least. For it seems, there is little more satisfaction, that a politician gets? Than by reducing benefits for the general public.

tour_img-360097-145This has been proven over and over.

The gif was chosen for the iconic clock image. Whereas, it is the people in this building shown below; we have to thank?



Notice the design reproductions?

Because Britain does this. Canadians are supposed to fall in line and do likewise?

While I have met a very few who just shrug when asked. “how do you feel about it”? Most are vehemently opposed. We might speculate on why, the politicians insist on maintaining the charade.

I suppose like most I cannot be bothered. So until early March when the whole redundant exercise will go the opposite direction. Ho hum …. Sigh!







Repast …

… Requiem for a best before date.

I had a pleasant peasant loaf, for my evening meal,
A slice of bread, a bowl of soup, not really a big deal,

A bowl of soup ready from a packet,
One that was vacuum packed in quite a fancy jacket,



Tomatoes on the label, roasted peppers in addition,        Organic says the label, not one to cause contrition

A bowl of soup a slice of bread, butter for completion
A little salt and pepper, to give flavour with rendition

Soup and pleasant peasant bread taken for the sup,
Was in a bowl, medium, posing as a cup.








Soup bowls






In search of …


The blog post here was prompted by Judy Dykstra-Brown. For it was a reply; in the comment section to the post, on her blog lifelessons .

“About 20 years ago, I was clearing a site in our woods, for a new house. After felling a large tree and feeling thankful it had not killed me during the process. I was sitting drinking some coffee. Admiring my destructive handiwork, as I sat. I noticed all the little trees, pushing up from the forest floor. Some from the adult tree’s roots and some from the dropped seeds. That’s when the thought struck. “Maybe this is how trees walk”? As part of the whole organism. Moving around the planet. When under attack, some trees will push up chemicals into their foliage, to beat off the attacker. Maybe they even have a type of brain? Not all brains need to be in a cranium, after all. After that tree, a couple more smaller ones and I was done. Thankful the chore was over. Mighty oaks, from little acorns grow.

Standing under large trees, like cottonwood, and staring up from the base of their trunk. Gives a whole new perspective on their growth, for sure. Cheers Jamie”.

That was my reply and Judy asked me to make a blog post from it.
So fair Madam, it is done.

I may add, that the following spring the amount of water that sprang from the area, I had cleared, was surprising to me. I had felled, all told from that space. About five large trees and about ten smaller ones, of mixed species. Next spring, I had to bring in a backhoe to redefine the drainage and a culvert to run it beneath the driveway which was in danger of being swept away. It put me off of cutting live trees, since then.

The wonder of trees, in British Columbia.


Funny about those words. …?

Dastardly Words
Was a blog post, today from Judy Dykstra-Brown.

A post that deplored the over-use of the word “Awesome”. If you follow the link  above it will take you to the page. To see her awesome poem, that demonstrates her feeling. One that I happen to share.

Yeah, I know I used the word “awesome”, to describe it.

That’s how it goes with popular phrases. Did it get your attention?

“handsome is as handsome does”
my Granny used to say,
“awesome is as awesome does”,
now seems to be the way,
come make a link, that makes us think
for Remi wants to play.

Find a word, one word that stands out in the herd,
A phrase or two that makes us stew,
Or one that just makes us blink,
a cute one, a brash one,
that just seems to stink

Come think of them all,
the ones that hold us in thrall,
The ones we use but really we shouldn’t
For ahead of it all,
stands a word that nobody’s heard
For it could but really it wouldn’t.

The word, I find a little annoying. Is the over-use of the word “sweet”. A word that sprung into more popular usage at about the same time as “awesome”. The word “sweet” used to be accompanied by a particular manner in which it was rendered. While there seemed to be a few different renditions, in tone. It was usually made with a pronouncement that drew the word out to add emphasis. Like “Sew-eeet”, etc.

It does seem however that both words are not as popular as they once were? For one hears them less these days. Which is why I occasionally use the word now. Along with others such as “groovy”. “spiffy” or “grotty” but not “fab”. Or awesome, unless I’m viewing something like the Milky Way, etc. The word that stands out among all the rest … is the over-use of the word “cool”. Especially because it’s used without real meaning, in the rendition. It’s tacked on almost meaninglessly, in conversation. So my word that I would like see used in the following post would be “Cool”.

My blog was recently just followed …

… by another blogger. https://sukritiz.wordpress.com/

Thanks very much for the follow!

Anyone reading this might check out her blog? For some interesting posts. She appears to be a relatively new to WordPress? That’s not the point, she has some different types of posts, that anyone visiting may see. A type of poetry to prose.

The point of this post was two-fold. It has to do with my blog. It seems I have two blogs called “Holding the Ball”. How the two blogs separated? The other was to thank sukritiz, for otherwise i might never have noticed?

One may be found under https://hirundine.com

The other and more recent https://hirundinedotnet2.wordpress.com

How did that happen? From this point of view, how did I just discover it? How may I merge them together?

When I clicked on “new post”.  The intention was for a post, on how I think of potential subject matter during my day. Then when it comes to posting the matter, is then forgotten or something.

All precipitated by Ms. sukritiz . Interesting username too. My guess is an amalgam? No matter. That’s another thing. Usernames. How do people come up with them? I know about mine but it is an interest for me, how others chose …

Lastly was going to close with a photo of some nice flowers. Instead one of my fiancée. Soon to be, bride. A flower of a different sort. Last evening, trying to meet friends. From that ship in background. The “Ruby Princess” docked in Victoria B.C.


So, in closing. If any blogger has suggestions about how I might quickly merge the two blogs, under one banner? I would be grateful.