My blog was recently just followed …

… by another blogger.

Thanks very much for the follow!

Anyone reading this might check out her blog? For some interesting posts. She appears to be a relatively new to WordPress? That’s not the point, she has some different types of posts, that anyone visiting may see. A type of poetry to prose.

The point of this post was two-fold. It has to do with my blog. It seems I have two blogs called “Holding the Ball”. How the two blogs separated? The other was to thank sukritiz, for otherwise i might never have noticed?

One may be found under

The other and more recent

How did that happen? From this point of view, how did I just discover it? How may I merge them together?

When I clicked on “new post”.  The intention was for a post, on how I think of potential subject matter during my day. Then when it comes to posting the matter, is then forgotten or something.

All precipitated by Ms. sukritiz . Interesting username too. My guess is an amalgam? No matter. That’s another thing. Usernames. How do people come up with them? I know about mine but it is an interest for me, how others chose …

Lastly was going to close with a photo of some nice flowers. Instead one of my fiancée. Soon to be, bride. A flower of a different sort. Last evening, trying to meet friends. From that ship in background. The “Ruby Princess” docked in Victoria B.C.


So, in closing. If any blogger has suggestions about how I might quickly merge the two blogs, under one banner? I would be grateful.

Trains, tracks and such ….

CP Rail through, Nelson B.C.



IMG_0107 IMG_0109

Image Image 2 IMG_1467.JPG



















Whoops …?









There was once a sawmill here. Now its luxury housing. For those folks displaced from large urban areas. Naturally you need a boat floating offshore.





Saanich Historical Society, Victoria B.C.


IMG_0653 IMG_0684








Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Tracks – trains, rail tracks, etc.


Democrat Super Delegates

C.mon play fair …

The Oligarch Kings

Sadly the only balloons here are the voters.

Last time I did a piece wondering at its end if the closeness of the election might increase the odds of political assassination. Rightly I was picked up by commentators on the remarks. But it did make me wonder why there have been fewer shootings of presidential candates since 1968 and I think I can see the reason.

It’s called Super Delegates. And their function is to game the system.

With Super Delegates there is no need anymore to shoot candidates you do not like – you can just smother them at Convention.

Nominating Conventions are the only Parliaments in the American System and these are mighty short lived. They are luminary frenetic events and as Alistair Cook once said “They burn out in a few days of feverish activity”. Here, all those previous arguments for this or that nomination’s statesmanship, character…

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I shop at Costco but …

… do some people have more money than sense?

Costco sends me at least two emails a day. Online-only features this little item for storage in a garage or similar. Regularly priced at $189.99 or so.?Sixty dollars off. Yours for the snip of a price …

8 ft. Panel Set and 20pc Hook Kit Bundle


Covers 32 sq.ft, Heavy Duty PVC Slats, Includes 20-Piece Wall Storage Hook Kit, Made From 90% Recycled Material, Trims Included
What exactly is it? It’s an 8ft plastic panel, with slots for the hook set and of course the hooks.
Looking at another online hardware business. I can get

Storage Hook Set of 30
93K81.01   Technical Information 

If I need a wall? An 8ft sheet of 3/4″ plywood is about? Okay i’ll be generous and say $60.00. So for $82.90 I can have 30 hooks and a sheet upon which to mount them

Yikes … colour me confused? Where is the saving here?

Maybe it’s the 32 sq.ft? Nope, simple math tells me 4×8=32 The hooks? 20pc vs. 30 hooks, of the screw in type. Maybe that’s it? The slots will cost me $47.80? Wow!

Obviously I have far too much moola and Costco wishes to relieve me of that heavy burden! Way to go Costco and it only cost a $100 pa. for that service.

An Apple a Day …

… I first started using Macs in 2005-6. I do not remember exactly when? Since 1986, I was using Microsoft.

I switched from what is popularly known as P.C.’s to iMac. Since then I’m working on my third iMac, with a Macbook Pro and iPad and two iPhones in the mix. The earlier iMac’s are in storage as too, one of the iPhones. Why have I not recycled them? Dunno’ good question? The PC’s certainly went to the recycler after removing the hard drives. Those drives are in my storage too.

So, what is the point of this post? Lately I’ve been noticing how unstable the latest versions of OS X are becoming. Unstable? In their apps. he replied.

The biggest irritant is iMail. Once for me, the biggest asset. iMail is becoming this jerky mess. Where if the subject line of incoming mail. Goes one way,left, it can be marked as “unread”. If the subject line is moved to the right a box marked trash with red background appears.

*Note. I live in Canada and supposedly my language setting is Canadian English.

In Canadian english, the word is garbage. Not trash.

Now during the day, I follow my inbox and read most of it in there. Yes, some ads. Creep in there. So, I am sure most readers here read email? My method is to have the latest emails at the bottom and work upwards. If I can read the email on one screen size. Then my hand goes to the Delete button on the upper keyboard left. Yet, some email I keep on the hard drive. So in iMail the mailboxes are to the left. Easy to sort up till now.


That’s when the newish iMail, irritant starts. For when navigating back to the subject line. Or going up and down that subject line, for any reason. The magic mouse makes the subject line jump a little. Exposing either the red for trash of blue for unmarked.Even just a hair and the mail program … whoops, sorry … App. Freezes!

It makes me wonder how the makers test their products? So, all of those testers found it worked well for them? Well enough to launch on an unsuspecting public? A public who has spent good dollars on the end product?

Supposedly, each upgrade means that? The constant flow of upgrades stands testament to the poor quality of what was shipped in the first place?

This diatribe is not just about the mail program … tut … get it right! App!

The latest keyboard with iMac is a cordless one. It’s not an option. That’s what you get now. It takes two AA batteries. They took away the number pad and the forward delete. Now you press the fn button and delete. fn? What the blue blazes is that? Oh Function. Why didn’t you print that on the button?

Control is control and Option is option. The names are all over the place. Yet poor little function becomes fn. How sad is that? On it goes. I have to buy a standalone CD player now. Was it worth losing the space in the main body of the iMac? I guess? I am told it’s because most people download their entertainment now? I guess I just got fed up paying and repaying for music, etc. In different formats. Like vinyl, I’m sure CD’s will become popular once more? … Possibly. Maybe. Could be?

Gee, thanks Mr Cook!