Blogging 101- Loving the theme …

… Day Five: Love Your Theme

Okay, it’s buzzing all around my head ….


Fruitshake, Hive, Pique and Dyad

Corporate, Boardwalk, Yoko or Core?

Penscratch, Cubic, Blink ‘n Blask

Even 32 dollar Zuki, see Ubud paid twenty-four.


Themes, themes, plenty of themes

Plenty for all to score.

Themes to the left of me, to the right, even more.

Themes, themes plenty of themes

Making us hungry for sure.


Hungry for blogging and making the posts

Decisions to make, oh who will it host?

Links, menus and comments to make for

Pages with feedbacks, then statistics galore

Sticky notes, columns, headers, footers, which theme to adore?


Capoverso, Cyanotype, Goran even Scrawl

Lots and lots of themes for you all.

Come try one, feel one, publish your writs

Your blogging style, title, tagline and hits.

Edit your photo, edit the post, see how it fits?


Good writing skills deserve to be seen,

Come lineup, write, publish, using the theme

Use Argent, Atlas or Meme

Having some fun or living the dream.

Free ones or paid for, we have the Theme

QR codes …

… I have become enamoured of these little icons. Yet any research on internet tells you, “they are dead”, already?

My QR code

Who here uses or reads QR codes? I had seen them for about five years and I asked someone what they were. To have the reply they’re a new type of bar code. Which is true, I suppose? Most of the ones I’ve “read” seem to contain useless info. Like the website printed along with the code. Now, that is redundant. The one above in case anyone has not already read it was one generated by me for business purpose and gives name and address along with a couple of email addresses. … No biggie? But what if I could actually reproduce this blog through them? Now that would be truly “neat”.

Blogging 101- Identifying the audience …

Today’s Assignment: publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

In the last fifty years, January has become the be fit; do fit; write about fit and sell fit; month. Maybe beating out cars as the number one seller? Although the Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper recently published this U.S. auto sales on pace for record year in 2015 after strong December . Regardless, another newspaper reports Fitness industry prepares for “Black January” . Who is the winner? Hard to tell?

In a society that extolls fitness from the seat of a new car, I find it all hard to fathom.

… This?


Or, this?




Sure, we can all say it’s not that simple etc. That’s right! Not that simple. Yet there is amusement in the two ends of a row of books. Doncha’ think?

Walking man





Say, “Hi” to the neighbours.

Saying hi, is a relatively easy thing to do …

So … consider it done … HI! How are you all today?

I’m fine thank you. Glad to be here blogging with you all.

Cup of coffee?


Have a slice of cake?


So, a quick visit with you all. I am sure we will get better acquainted as we go?

Looking forward to reading more from those bloggers and the others in our class this time. Best wishes to all. There probably isn’t enough cake to go around? Still it’s the thought that counts…they say.

Here is some nice music, of no particular meaning.