The blog “Holding the Ball is the personal blogging pages for myself, Jamie.

James Allen

I currently reside on Vancouver Island. In West Saanich. To most people that means little. A geographic location.

What is “Holding the Ball about? It might be nice to say, it’s about this or even that. But it’s not.

It is about my whimsey touching on diverse subjects, using elements such as graphics. That might go to illustrate the point or merely something interesting. That’s why it’s my whimsey. Sorry WordPress no cataloguing here.

“Holding the Ball” is an element of Taiji, or as we often see it written Tai Chi. It is the basic element of holding an imaginary ball in hands. One underneath to support it, the Yin hand. The other, Yang hand, is on top. As we move in taiji, the hands to rotate about the Chi ball. Thus we move the energy about. Try it? Go on! About eight inches apart in front of you. A ball may be any size. Hold it hands ever so slightly beneath the circumference. You can feel it but nothing is there. Once comfortable, slowly rotate the hands until there is one above the other. You are still holding that ball. Next rolling it until the hands are opposite each other but the up one is down and the down one … well up. But the hands always face each other, like holding a ball. Rotating the ball, feeling the energy between the slightly cupped hands. If anyone reading this has done the taiji? They will know how it feels. Anybody not tried this? You may wish to try it with a teacher and learn some more?

How does that relate to my blog site? I will be trying to rotate the posts around, as the ball, giving them life in a contextual manner.

Please us the form below to contact me:

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