Rocky the Racoon …

2.30 am and two woman in their twenties, maybe?
step outside the building.
Letting the door crash behind them,
shaking this resident awake.

They then proceed to chatter, without stop,
in loud voices. For fully 15 mins.
before a young man appears from inside of the building,
suggesting they return upstairs.

There are multiple signs, around the doorway and building
areas, reminding residents that it is a non-smoking area.
That does not seem to stop the party participants,
stepping outside the door for their nicotine fixes.

One wonders where they get their air from? Talking incessantly, with loud voices, in the warm summer night.
Voices drifting upward on the slow breeze in the front door-well. Standing adjacent to each other, the loud voices break the stillness of the night.

Reverberating still, from the door closer. As they disappear back inside, leaving only butts on the pristine tiled foyer.
The night begins to return to it’s former slumber sleep evades, having been fully wakened by their empty-headed furor.

From the bed, stagger to the living room chair. Drinking apple cider vinegar in water, sleepiness begins to return.

The building door crashes open again, two couples emerge on the way to the visitor parking. Loud enough that the racoon, tiptoes away … unseen

Except by me.


2 thoughts on “Rocky the Racoon …”

  1. It seems the people who now inhabit this world put only their own pleasures first? Because they have strange hours, the assumption it seems is that the rest of the world has to follow suit? Or something. Does it ever occur to them, that they disturb others with their loud voices and screams in the middle of the night? The racoon just scuttled away and who can blame it …? Party on …!


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