Happy birthday …

… It is estimated that the rock we live on, Earth. Is 4.54 billion years old. Which make the fuss over Canada on this day, July 1st 2017, quite amusing. To myself, at least.

The bunting is out, the block parties are in full swing. I wonder if the Beaker people are invited? While The CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation insinuates far older occupation of North America by the human species? Here we sit like birds in the wilderness, waving the Maple Leaf flags, celebrating a mere 150 years.


No matter, crack a beer, heave some dead animal on the barbecue. Happy birthday? I call it the crazy weekend.  Last night maintained the assertion. As some troubled young lady roamed around, swearing and shouting that her phone was inside. Kicking the heavy glass door trying to gain entry. The car alarm of a visitor, going off time and time again. Nobody seemed, hehe … alarmed? The young lady was eventually taken away by the City police.

I wonder why car people have those alarms? Sure, I know, to prevent theft. Yet, if that was so? Why do the owners ignore them? If one takes the ferry between this Island and the mainland. A ride of about 1hr and 35 mins. I usually stay in my car. The other passengers go aloft. Once the ferry hits some rough water.

They all go off. The car alarms.

Nobody bats an eyelid. They are ignored. For the people still in their cars, like myself, they are an annoyance of intrusion.

One wonders why, people purchase such an expensive item when buying the car? Perhaps it was part of a package? Maybe they were planning on parking in East Vancouver or some other high crime area? However unlikely it would be for anyone to attempt to steal the tires, etc. For all the attentions they are paid. Any thief could steal and leave without any trouble, for sure.

Ahh well, Happy Birthday Canada. You have very little to celebrate … next up July 4th.

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