Passwords are the thing …

… These days everything is password protected.

Because? Because cybercrime lurks in every corner of the globe. We are supposed to value our privacy. Most of us do.

The extent to which this password protection is extended.
Is becoming obscene.

My macbook wants my password. I enter it. Then it desires another password. I enter it. Then it goes back to the first password asked for.

Why? I just gave it. Does it not have a memory? Is that what a computer is? A memory system?

If one fails the password test. After three tries you are disabled. Where is my disabled badge? Surely I can park in the disabled spot?

To recover the password. These days means entering a new one. It requires a two step process. One that usually ends in a text to my phone.

Enter the numbers sent and it will open to a door. Where one may enter a new password.
Then again, in case a mistake was made the first time around.

Underneath the guidelines of two uppercase, eight letters minimum.
Plus minimum two figures, we have a new password.

It has a helpful little figure underneath the information. Designed to inform us of the password strengths? Happy with your new password?

Now we have our password. Back to login and try it out.
Finally an email is sent telling me my password is now changed.

No shit, Einstein? Okay, well one can see that it would be helpful to know that and to ignore, if it was yourself?

Of course it was me. I sent you my email address, que’lle idiote.


2 thoughts on “Passwords are the thing …”

  1. Im having password issues with WP. It is the most frustrating thing ever. Ever have it shake back and forth saying it isn’t correct? I’ve changed it, they say it’s accepted, from my easy to remember old one to a new ridiculously long complicated one. I record it in two places so I won’t forget it. Guess what? They keep saying it’s not right and won’t let me like or comment most of the time. It’s a miracle I’m even writing this!🙄😱

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  2. Those are exactly the issues that caused me to write this silly one. Not exactly verse but i tried to give it some life? I am contemplating a follow up? For much frustration about the whole issue, was not covered. I feel better now … yes wordpress is but one culprit; in the whole mess of password protection. Protection from ourselves? Ohh yes, that shaking thing … quite slick. Cheers Jamie


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