Why does everything have to be logged in, by facebook… ?

… It blows me away. Every time one tries to find any sort of info on the internet. We are asked to log in using FB. Well, I will not. I will not subject myself to an online social media site.

I’m looking for some info about my ex. and I’m subject to this presence of facebook wishing to log me in using my credential, with them. Who asked them, for this?

This, to me, is insidious use of some sort of perceived power.

It is overt use of a privilege. One that if a member? Requires  surrender of private information. One that ostensibly FB says it takes seriously. yet it will meekly surrender to any agency, that uses them for a login.

Talk about loss of privacy. No matter how much they bleat …. Baaah They are more than complicit to use your credentials in any online interaction.

Bah humbug …!! Kiss my Royal Canadian ….as Howie Preston would say

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