Out of the Amazon basin …

… Amazon, a giant online retailer. They started with books and CD’s now there’s not much one cannot buy through Amazon.

I have three accounts with them. Amazon in UK, Canada and Dotcom. The USA version.

Is anybody asking why? Well, the retailer will deliver to addresses without the hefty mailing fees, from country to country. That’s why.

Mostly, I use Amazon for my own needs. It aids, in that no more lining up at a cashier’s desk, sorting through products hanging or not hanging in a conventional retailer and the generally good price asked by the business. From household products to luxury items may be found there. No more driving to malls, parking, to the cost of gasoline for the purpose.

It behoves the consumer to be vigilant. Yet returns are free. usually. Call customer service and they are phoning back as promised.

Probably my only annoyance factor. Is the day or two after a purchase of anything. They bombard my email with “deals” after the fact. If I just bought soap? Why would I want more? As an example. Why give me a sale price after? Why not at time of purchase? Well, that last question is redundant, I know. Yet, dear reader, you likely get the drift?

Still overall, Amazon gets a big thumbs up from this happy customer!!

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