I bought some new underwear …

… recently.

Not so momentous in and of itself. The reason for the writing. Is for how the world is going.

Cotton seems to be a disappearing commodity?

When they may be located, often they are a mix of Polyester/Cotton of various proportions. The main sources of underwear come from the companies, Fruit of the Loom and Hanes. Go to any retail outlet and that’s what you’ll inevitably find. Although being fair, Denver Hayes too. Once in a while BVD. All of these sellers. Are they made in-house, somewhere then have the labels affixed to show the brand seller? They often used to say, “Made in Pakistan” on the garment.

They all construct their Men’s Boxer shorts in a newer way. Called a comfort fit. One that sees a piece of fabric inserted, from beneath the crotch to the back of the waist band and a seam running up each cheek of the bum.

“Comfort Fit”, is really a misnomer. For those seams may be very annoying. 100% cotton or a blend. It’s difficult to find the old method of boxer construction. With just a seam, running along one’s crack.

Having been looking for the old-fashioned type, for about 2 years. With purchase of the inferior design in the meanwhile. It might be interjected here, that I’m easy on the wear. Changing them almost daily and practising good personal hygiene. In the end they still wear out. From washing machines and powerful detergents. Even if the detergents are “green” or not?

When 100% cotton, exclusive of trim, may be located.

Yeah sure! I understand the waistband is going to be a synthetic material and that the seams will be using polyester threads.

When they are located. I found some made in China, from a seller caller Luk, with a umlauf over the U.

They have the polyester label from hell, sewn in at the rear. So I fetched my trusty seam ripper to take out the offending piece.

Lordy, once again.

If the stitching holding those labels in place were as strong and impenetrable; as the ones on the rest of the garment? Why I might have those ‘boxers” for 5 years not 2. Eventually, I prevailed. Not before a load of swearing over the tiny knots of machine threading that held them in place.

When buying, whether on-line or in the store. You’ll never see a rear view of the boxers. Just the bulging crotch shot, of cotton knit. I don’t care for cotton knit either. I like the older type of cotton fabric, and plenty of it. For it’s breathability. Especially for the summer months. So Hanes, if you ever read this? Please take note. One dissatisfied customer.

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