I am slavishly addicted …

… not meaning to demean addictions. Many of us have them and really don’t think of them, as such?

My addiction is capsicum. One that has crept up on me over years of use.

As addictions go. Probably not so serious? Yet as I was cooking my breakfast, this morning. After chopping the garlic, Thai peppers and salt.

After depositing them from the side of my knife in the pan. As always licked the residue from my fingertips. My body shuddered from the anticipatory delight of that salty rush.

Which is when the thought struck. “Man, you’re addicted to this stuff”. After that while finishing cooking. I was thinkin’ about my long love affair with the herb. Over 40? Maybe 35, years ago, I started with cayenne pepper. Bought as dried and ground. It had been recommended to me as a tea, to beat the other addiction in my life at that time. Tobacco.

It did help stop. When my body craved that cigarette hit, sips of capsicum tea helped distract from the withdrawal. Three days later, done with the tea. I started using it in the cuisine. As I had before, just more frequent. Ten years later, I found a seedling in the local nursery. Capsicum is actually a perennial plant. So, two years later, I was still plucking the peppers off of it. A few years after I was trying other varieties. When I owned my hobby farm, then later my house in town. Which where this graphic is from.

All that in my mind today, while cooking brekky.

As addictions go. likely not that serious? It, capsicum, is a blood purifier. Beneficial in tea, to beat colds and influenza like symptoms. On wounds will aid in their healing. In a trice and scars disappear. Along with ginger and garlic. It is the foundation of many recipes.

Hardly a day … nay, hardly a meal goes by that does not find me chopping a hot pepper, garlic and salt. Why salt? Well, it helps suck up the inevitable juices and stabilizes the small ingredients, while chopping. My son pours hot sauce on almost every meal. So, like father, like son? I suppose?




4 thoughts on “I am slavishly addicted …”

    1. Maybe? Obviously, it’s not something one dives into. An understanding of the different varieties, helps too. Bird’s eye peppers rank above jalapeno but below habenero. Much of the perceived spicyness, is also affected by whether they are cooked or not. I do not consume capsicum for it’s max. heat. I leave that for others. Some, mostly men, use them like a type of pissing contest. “See I can consume hotter peppers than you”.

      The body has an amazing ability to adjust. So, starting slowly will help in that process. I find despite their ranking. Jalepeno to be hotter. Because they are usually added raw to salsa.As well, different peppers act differently on the tongue. When your mouth and brain are exploding from their taste that can be hard to quantify? I find jalepeno a front loading flavour while habenero toward the back.Neither are exclusively so but that’s my impression. Most people who are what I might call, standard western fare consumers. Don’t really get it. No matter! They are however missing out. It is one addiction I have little problem over having. Better than gambling, for sure.

      Thanks for the comment and your attention to detail … hehe! Cheers Jamie

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