The Time Bandits …

Nope, not the 1980’s film but the governments who have to fiddle with the clocks. Jumping between the normal times as measured from Greenwich; to a so-called Summer clock time.


The hassle of twice yearly changing all the clocks and watches, to match the appropriate “official time”. Is an anathema to start with. Then there are all the road accidents. Proven they spike in correlation to the weeks after. Somebody, please explain how this benefits society? For it escapes me and all the people I know. I cannot remember the last time someone said “Oh goody, our clocks are going to change”? Introduced as a “wartime”  measure by U.K. Here we are like ducks on a pond. Still enduring the abysmal thing. Most farmers do not use it. Certainly the cows that give milk do not. What about the lactose intolerant?



It has been likened to cutting a foot 30.5cm, off of the end of a blanket. Then sewing it on the other end to make it longer.

It obviously does not benefit society. Or politicians would have consigned to the dumpster, long since past. My only conclusion is. That somehow it benefits bankers? With their machinations surrounding capital?

In conclusion. Any politician adding it to their platform of proposals, for election. Would surely gain my vote and many others beside.

3 thoughts on “The Time Bandits …”

  1. Saving Daylight
    by Judy Dykstra-Brown

    After altering the course of rivers,
    moving or removing coastlines,
    forests, ozone,
    minerals, and fossil fuel,
    we look for what next to change
    and notice time.

    (Perhaps time, a manmade concept anyway,
    can be less-devastatingly tampered with?)

    There are those who know
    better than God or nature
    when light is needed
    and they have set the world right.

    We are saving daylight
    all over the world,
    taking it from the morning’s wallet
    and transferring it
    to a back pocket.

    Led like blind lambs,
    we change our clocks,
    lost in dark mornings
    so games of golf or tennis
    can be played well past
    the natural end of day.

    Gardeners and house builders
    climb the hills to work
    lighting their ways with flashlights,
    in search of that lost morning hour of light.

    Like sheep made clumsy, stumbling over stiles,
    schoolchildren’s toes
    feel for cobblestones in the dark
    between street lamps
    spaced a block apart.

    as, like investors too anxious
    to save up for a rainy day,
    a world in the dark
    makes forced deposits every morning,
    withdraws them, interest free, each evening,
    Her animals and birds and tribes
    lost to schemes
    carefully planned

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  2. I don’t have a problem with time changes myself, but I can see that the cows would completely ignore it, so its is a problem for farmers. It would take a big groundswell of public opinion to change it, I think.


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