The birds …


Seagulls wheel and cry
watching them fly
from my window top
overlooking the harbour far out below

Over roofs and trees
may be glimpsed the seas
that surround the lands we call Victoria
and the seagulls wheel and cry

Across the blacktop of parking lot
they sit upon the balustrade
Zen-like waiting for something to happen
Urban crows wait and wait, still waiting

The seagulls wheel by, unleashing their screaming cry
Unhooking the crows from their torpor
Giving flight, they rise, as the car pulls up
spilling its occupants into the parking lot

Seagulls shriek their cry floating in the sky
The crows return to their perch by the wall
Settling feathers ruffling
Awaiting the next one, to stop

Greying purple light, brooding clouds, rain swollen
The carrion birds, huddle now as if consulting the master plan
by ones and twos they head for the trees
leaving the gulls still wheeling in the heavens


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