Hands up ….

… all those readers; who consider the practice of changing the clocks twice a year to be quite? Well, quite silly!

I find the whole practice to be laughable if it were not so plain stupid. Brought to us, by politicians. So I suppose that explains it?

I wonder who it actually benefits? If it was of benefit to society? It would be long gone by now. We can be sure of that, at least. For it seems, there is little more satisfaction, that a politician gets? Than by reducing benefits for the general public.

tour_img-360097-145This has been proven over and over.

The gif was chosen for the iconic clock image. Whereas, it is the people in this building shown below; we have to thank?



Notice the design reproductions?

Because Britain does this. Canadians are supposed to fall in line and do likewise?

While I have met a very few who just shrug when asked. “how do you feel about it”? Most are vehemently opposed. We might speculate on why, the politicians insist on maintaining the charade.

I suppose like most I cannot be bothered. So until early March when the whole redundant exercise will go the opposite direction. Ho hum …. Sigh!







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