2 thoughts on “A phone posting”

  1. I love your wife’s face, Jamie..She looks like a person I would want to be friends with. Intelligent, kind and lovely. How did you meet? You’ve probably told me and it has slipped through the cracks along with half of the other details of my life.

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  2. She’s a real sweetie. Then I’m prejudiced that way. Wouldn’t be much good if I were not? Oh yeah smart as a whip. I still not sure why she wants to be with me? I’ll write how we met, another day. No biggie. Just wouldn’t want to spoil a surprise.

    We were waiting that day, for some of her friends who came off of that boat. Despite being disappointed with that. For they had left much earlier than expected. We had a lovely time just hanging out at the harbour. The photo does not show it but there was a lovely sunset, that evening. Thanks!! Cheers Jamie.


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