In search of …


The blog post here was prompted by Judy Dykstra-Brown. For it was a reply; in the comment section to the post, on her blog lifelessons .

“About 20 years ago, I was clearing a site in our woods, for a new house. After felling a large tree and feeling thankful it had not killed me during the process. I was sitting drinking some coffee. Admiring my destructive handiwork, as I sat. I noticed all the little trees, pushing up from the forest floor. Some from the adult tree’s roots and some from the dropped seeds. That’s when the thought struck. “Maybe this is how trees walk”? As part of the whole organism. Moving around the planet. When under attack, some trees will push up chemicals into their foliage, to beat off the attacker. Maybe they even have a type of brain? Not all brains need to be in a cranium, after all. After that tree, a couple more smaller ones and I was done. Thankful the chore was over. Mighty oaks, from little acorns grow.

Standing under large trees, like cottonwood, and staring up from the base of their trunk. Gives a whole new perspective on their growth, for sure. Cheers Jamie”.

That was my reply and Judy asked me to make a blog post from it.
So fair Madam, it is done.

I may add, that the following spring the amount of water that sprang from the area, I had cleared, was surprising to me. I had felled, all told from that space. About five large trees and about ten smaller ones, of mixed species. Next spring, I had to bring in a backhoe to redefine the drainage and a culvert to run it beneath the driveway which was in danger of being swept away. It put me off of cutting live trees, since then.

The wonder of trees, in British Columbia.

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