Funny about those words. …?

Dastardly Words
Was a blog post, today from Judy Dykstra-Brown.

A post that deplored the over-use of the word “Awesome”. If you follow the link  above it will take you to the page. To see her awesome poem, that demonstrates her feeling. One that I happen to share.

Yeah, I know I used the word “awesome”, to describe it.

That’s how it goes with popular phrases. Did it get your attention?

“handsome is as handsome does”
my Granny used to say,
“awesome is as awesome does”,
now seems to be the way,
come make a link, that makes us think
for Remi wants to play.

Find a word, one word that stands out in the herd,
A phrase or two that makes us stew,
Or one that just makes us blink,
a cute one, a brash one,
that just seems to stink

Come think of them all,
the ones that hold us in thrall,
The ones we use but really we shouldn’t
For ahead of it all,
stands a word that nobody’s heard
For it could but really it wouldn’t.

The word, I find a little annoying. Is the over-use of the word “sweet”. A word that sprung into more popular usage at about the same time as “awesome”. The word “sweet” used to be accompanied by a particular manner in which it was rendered. While there seemed to be a few different renditions, in tone. It was usually made with a pronouncement that drew the word out to add emphasis. Like “Sew-eeet”, etc.

It does seem however that both words are not as popular as they once were? For one hears them less these days. Which is why I occasionally use the word now. Along with others such as “groovy”. “spiffy” or “grotty” but not “fab”. Or awesome, unless I’m viewing something like the Milky Way, etc. The word that stands out among all the rest … is the over-use of the word “cool”. Especially because it’s used without real meaning, in the rendition. It’s tacked on almost meaninglessly, in conversation. So my word that I would like see used in the following post would be “Cool”.

4 thoughts on “Funny about those words. …?”

    1. Thanks Judy , … ahem Remi, Thanks for the like and the follow. Actually, I think you’re also subscribed to my other blog? Needle at Sea Bottom. Thanks for warm embrace of friendship. I’ll endeavour to uphold it.

      Thanks too for liking my poem. I do not think of myself as such. Either writer or poet. But enjoy them these days. The one thing I cannot understand is how when making a post in my editor. When I press return, to start a new line. It always gives me a break, for new paragraph. Do you know [or any other reader] how to change that, or what I am doing wrong? I use the classic editor and have tried different ways to change it for word wrap is fine. Yet It would be nice to make a poem without it looking like paragraphs? You may call me confused … Cheers Jamie

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      1. Jaime, when you want to start a new line, hold down on the shift key as you hit the return instead of just hitting return. Then it will go down just one line instead of two. If you want a double spaceat the end of a line, hit shift return twice or just hit return. That should do it. Let me know that this works.

        If, when you are editing, there is a double space where you don’t want it, hit backspace until the first word in that line is on the line above it, then put your cursor in the space between the last line and the first word of what you want the next line to be and hit shift return.

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  1. Ah ha … so that’s how it’s done! Thanks for the extra tip. I’ve been scratching my head for ages. The one on this page was by my cutting and pasting, from your comment section on that post. I’ve done all manner of things to try to stop that extra space and now it’s as simple? Makes me feel quite tiny … hehe! Nice one, thanks, Cheers Jamie.


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