My blog was recently just followed …

… by another blogger.

Thanks very much for the follow!

Anyone reading this might check out her blog? For some interesting posts. She appears to be a relatively new to WordPress? That’s not the point, she has some different types of posts, that anyone visiting may see. A type of poetry to prose.

The point of this post was two-fold. It has to do with my blog. It seems I have two blogs called “Holding the Ball”. How the two blogs separated? The other was to thank sukritiz, for otherwise i might never have noticed?

One may be found under

The other and more recent

How did that happen? From this point of view, how did I just discover it? How may I merge them together?

When I clicked on “new post”.  The intention was for a post, on how I think of potential subject matter during my day. Then when it comes to posting the matter, is then forgotten or something.

All precipitated by Ms. sukritiz . Interesting username too. My guess is an amalgam? No matter. That’s another thing. Usernames. How do people come up with them? I know about mine but it is an interest for me, how others chose …

Lastly was going to close with a photo of some nice flowers. Instead one of my fiancée. Soon to be, bride. A flower of a different sort. Last evening, trying to meet friends. From that ship in background. The “Ruby Princess” docked in Victoria B.C.


So, in closing. If any blogger has suggestions about how I might quickly merge the two blogs, under one banner? I would be grateful.

6 thoughts on “My blog was recently just followed …”

      1. If your websites are both wordpress, definitely worth a try, they are usually very helpful.
        OTOH someone there completely stuffed up the creating and editing posts procedure thinking they were improving it, so not sure about current help quality.


  1. The quality likely varies with who is volunteering? I have a few ideas of my own? Yet, have not ventured to try them out yet. What I find boggling is how it happened in the first place? I certainly did not set out to do it. It does explain some things though. I have seen the second URL before, yet never connected it to a duplicate site. I guess I’m slow on the uptake? From the date of when the posts stopped on the original site, I can track it roughly. Never mind. It’s not that important for me, just annoying. I paid for the dot com address FGS.


  2. I think two bloggers got mixed up with one blog name that i was following. I have asked in the forums several weeks ago, but got no reply. As neither of them is my blog I have no idea what can be done. The writer of the blog I was originally following wrote posts that interested me, but not the current writer. I have reluctantly unfollowed the blog as there has been no return of the original writer. I think the final letter of the first word in the blog’s name may have been changed, but I am not sure. From what is said in the comments above, it may have been a simple technical error that led to this situation. Good luck with sorting your puzzle out.

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