Democrat Super Delegates

C.mon play fair …

The Oligarch Kings

Sadly the only balloons here are the voters.

Last time I did a piece wondering at its end if the closeness of the election might increase the odds of political assassination. Rightly I was picked up by commentators on the remarks. But it did make me wonder why there have been fewer shootings of presidential candates since 1968 and I think I can see the reason.

It’s called Super Delegates. And their function is to game the system.

With Super Delegates there is no need anymore to shoot candidates you do not like – you can just smother them at Convention.

Nominating Conventions are the only Parliaments in the American System and these are mighty short lived. They are luminary frenetic events and as Alistair Cook once said “They burn out in a few days of feverish activity”. Here, all those previous arguments for this or that nomination’s statesmanship, character…

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