I shop at Costco but …

… do some people have more money than sense?

Costco sends me at least two emails a day. Online-only features this little item for storage in a garage or similar. Regularly priced at $189.99 or so.?Sixty dollars off. Yours for the snip of a price …

8 ft. Panel Set and 20pc Hook Kit Bundle


Covers 32 sq.ft, Heavy Duty PVC Slats, Includes 20-Piece Wall Storage Hook Kit, Made From 90% Recycled Material, Trims Included
What exactly is it? It’s an 8ft plastic panel, with slots for the hook set and of course the hooks.
Looking at another online hardware business. I can get

Storage Hook Set of 30
93K81.01   Technical Information 

If I need a wall? An 8ft sheet of 3/4″ plywood is about? Okay i’ll be generous and say $60.00. So for $82.90 I can have 30 hooks and a sheet upon which to mount them

Yikes … colour me confused? Where is the saving here?

Maybe it’s the 32 sq.ft? Nope, simple math tells me 4×8=32 The hooks? 20pc vs. 30 hooks, of the screw in type. Maybe that’s it? The slots will cost me $47.80? Wow!

Obviously I have far too much moola and Costco wishes to relieve me of that heavy burden! Way to go Costco and it only cost a $100 pa. for that service.

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