An Apple a Day …

… I first started using Macs in 2005-6. I do not remember exactly when? Since 1986, I was using Microsoft.

I switched from what is popularly known as P.C.’s to iMac. Since then I’m working on my third iMac, with a Macbook Pro and iPad and two iPhones in the mix. The earlier iMac’s are in storage as too, one of the iPhones. Why have I not recycled them? Dunno’ good question? The PC’s certainly went to the recycler after removing the hard drives. Those drives are in my storage too.

So, what is the point of this post? Lately I’ve been noticing how unstable the latest versions of OS X are becoming. Unstable? In their apps. he replied.

The biggest irritant is iMail. Once for me, the biggest asset. iMail is becoming this jerky mess. Where if the subject line of incoming mail. Goes one way,left, it can be marked as “unread”. If the subject line is moved to the right a box marked trash with red background appears.

*Note. I live in Canada and supposedly my language setting is Canadian English.

In Canadian english, the word is garbage. Not trash.

Now during the day, I follow my inbox and read most of it in there. Yes, some ads. Creep in there. So, I am sure most readers here read email? My method is to have the latest emails at the bottom and work upwards. If I can read the email on one screen size. Then my hand goes to the Delete button on the upper keyboard left. Yet, some email I keep on the hard drive. So in iMail the mailboxes are to the left. Easy to sort up till now.


That’s when the newish iMail, irritant starts. For when navigating back to the subject line. Or going up and down that subject line, for any reason. The magic mouse makes the subject line jump a little. Exposing either the red for trash of blue for unmarked.Even just a hair and the mail program … whoops, sorry … App. Freezes!

It makes me wonder how the makers test their products? So, all of those testers found it worked well for them? Well enough to launch on an unsuspecting public? A public who has spent good dollars on the end product?

Supposedly, each upgrade means that? The constant flow of upgrades stands testament to the poor quality of what was shipped in the first place?

This diatribe is not just about the mail program … tut … get it right! App!

The latest keyboard with iMac is a cordless one. It’s not an option. That’s what you get now. It takes two AA batteries. They took away the number pad and the forward delete. Now you press the fn button and delete. fn? What the blue blazes is that? Oh Function. Why didn’t you print that on the button?

Control is control and Option is option. The names are all over the place. Yet poor little function becomes fn. How sad is that? On it goes. I have to buy a standalone CD player now. Was it worth losing the space in the main body of the iMac? I guess? I am told it’s because most people download their entertainment now? I guess I just got fed up paying and repaying for music, etc. In different formats. Like vinyl, I’m sure CD’s will become popular once more? … Possibly. Maybe. Could be?

Gee, thanks Mr Cook!


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