I expect others have noticed …

… The prevalence of shopping for something? Then finding it in a package almost impossible to open.


An example like this. It happens to be a micro SD card. The plastic is sandwiched between two paper cardboard layers, that requires the strength of Hercules. To pry apart.


Now you have it home and it requires special tools to open. A pair of scissors just don’t cut it … pun intended.


Oh and mind your fingers and do not cut toward yourself.

What is this manufacturer trying to tell me? That we are all potential thieves? I understand that shoplifting is a pernicious and prevalent crime. One that most abhor. Having such packaging and the relevant EA tag inside. We expect the crime is reduced?

Serious shoplifters are hardly disturbed in what they do. So who exactly is it targeting? You and me? These merchants reduce staff at every turn. Yet the prices climb ever higher. Their profits soar. Money and profit becomes the basic motivation. They dangle the products to catch the consumer. A consumer who is treated as an everyday thief. In a way that when the product is finally home. We have to hunt in the toolbox for something that will cut through their packaging. Risking our own safety to accomplish. Thus the manufacturer avoids claims for injury.

While shopping for a micro SD card

The purchaser found removing it at home was too hard

We twisted and turned it, thwarted at removing it

Left us breathless and calling them retards



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