QR codes …

… I have become enamoured of these little icons. Yet any research on internet tells you, “they are dead”, already?

My QR code

Who here uses or reads QR codes? I had seen them for about five years and I asked someone what they were. To have the reply they’re a new type of bar code. Which is true, I suppose? Most of the ones I’ve “read” seem to contain useless info. Like the website printed along with the code. Now, that is redundant. The one above in case anyone has not already read it was one generated by me for business purpose and gives name and address along with a couple of email addresses. … No biggie? But what if I could actually reproduce this blog through them? Now that would be truly “neat”.

2 thoughts on “QR codes …”

  1. I work in a crafts store, so I see them on a lot of merchandise. There, they often lead to project ideas or simply the basics of using the item. But, yes, I have seen redundancies in them, too. I became disgruntled with one recently, when I scanned one on the side of my Chinese food lunch container. It had invited me to see my fortune, of course, but where it led me was to another product; apparently my fortune was that I would come into enough money to buy more of their stuff. It was my ‘A Christmas Story’ moment: “A crummy commercial!?”

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