3 thoughts on “Blogging 101-Why? Am I here …?”

    1. Thank you Ms. SouthEastBlogger. It was nice of you to compliment me. Appreciated!

      I am not trying to achieve anything. Just writing on whimsey. I have no real goals. Just having fun in a retired manner. It is unlikely that I will really do anything with it. I like to create stuff. Paint, draw and write. Not for any reasons. Just for personal amusement. Does that sound lame?

      I have a private life. Sometimes I write about it? Sometimes not. I try not to let my personal life spill over into the blogging. Others are not so picky. This is not my first blog. Not, I suspect will it be the last. I didn’t intend to do WordPress Blogging 101 again, yet here I am. You are going to have a great time doing this blogging! Best wishes. Keep writing! Cheers Jamie.

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      1. That’s not lame at all as you said we all
        Have our individual reasons for blogging. Some people use it almost as a diary some are more private. Just personal choice. These assignments are quite good though gives you a structure and a focus. Your probably doing it in the best way no pressure on yourself.


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