4 thoughts on “Embracing the disaster …”

    1. Rising up? Lordy had not thought of that?

      Nope it was just me being dumb, I suppose? No biggie. It just did not occur to me that my blog would be affected? Just a good excuse to do Blogging 101 … again! That’s what you do when retired. Either spend a lot of money going to far away places, or free stuff. Life bought me some lemons. So doing what one does under those circumstance? Make sour chickpeas. Oh yummy!

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  1. The manuscript for the Seven Pillars of Wisdom was left on a train. “The book had to be rewritten three times, once following the loss of the manuscript on a train at Reading. From Seven Pillars, “…and then lost all but the Introduction and drafts of Books 9 and 10 at Reading Station, while changing trains. This was about Christmas, 1919.” So poor TE Lawrence, of Lawrence of Arabia fame had to rewrite several times! As the story goes, his final effort was actually the best!

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