One Spring …


Day-glo greens,

emerge from mud browns  and grey.

Crisp yellow grass

turn chartreuse, within a day.

Lichens, moss and fluttering moths,

all awake for this season’s stay.

On muddy hillsides, rocks with piney coniferous trees

jig-saw their way up through snow clad peaks.

Following tracks of  ridge and vale,

succoured by the mountain’s hidden creeks.

Valley’s bottom; river’s way, pick’s up flow

toward the sea. Fed by melting snows, rain and sleets.

Early season spiders seeking space

to plant their webs, race across my kitchen floor.

Ants barely awake, a nest to build.

Try to enter under the backdoor.

Looking for sugars to feed the queen,

making trails so others may find; their spore.

Ducks, geese and birds of feather, bound for tundra’s summer’s weather;

mud flats, lake’s edge, mountain’s eyrie.

Reclaimed by nature for her summer’s dress, twelve weeks will see it past,

days light start to shorten. As spring’s sweet aria,

of rain. Dwindles into parched land, lazy cloud.

Of summer in July and the land of Columbia.

Always amusing …

… words like

“Rustic”. “Wholesome” . Best of all, “Natural”
Flowing as honey, drip, drip
Opening mind’s door, with the oil.

All things “natural” be the altar, for God’s of that ilk
100% natural. The big guns, of persuasion.
Behind lie the ammo  of statistic and sample

On we go, daily bombarded with message
designed to relieve of the chore
when faced with the choice at the store

Fast food, slow food always the choice
Healthy or not? Define healthy
Me this, you that

Healthy living, healthy choice?
Well being, is our equilibrium
Happiness, sadness. The measure


Has anyone noticed the amount of people who write things on the internet, that they capitalize the first letter of a name; then neglect the second name?
One might see something like this; David arne.?

Is it more common than thought, maybe?
Did the capital get lost, on the way out?
Where Els form Queues.

Temporal or Pastoral …

those are our choices.

Deciding on the evening meal? Temporal
Saying grace prior? Pastoral
Yin Yang Wham-bam
and thank you for notation

Two words that make little sense
when viewed as earthy nature
temporal could be an intemperate place
from temple to temple,  no recompense ?

Somehow it seems implied?
Pastoral is herding sheep
Tending cows
and growing wheat

So, what of we when confronted
with the choices?
Shoes, ships or sealing wax
Our place on earth, or in the heaven’s abode

The low down on the logo …

I just had to look it up. Logo an often used word, full of implication
those erudite understanding the conclusion
Logo is an acceptable identifying intrusion
Used now by corporate world to provide communication

Actually joking aside, the best definition of the word LOGO.
After trolling some pages Business Directory 

We all know what a logo is, theoretically? Yet hard to really pin down what it is and the subliminal messages they convey.

Not to be confused with a brand, which identifies a product or family of products.

Read more:

Fair enough!

Recognizable and distinctive graphic design, stylized name, unique symbol, or other device for identifying an organization.

Read more:


My grocery store has one and the other pedlars of soap, Politicians.
Easy to spot on the envelope heading,
conveying their message  of hopes and illusion.

I had an email today. Oh it had a logo. Something zippy and solid.
It started; Friend. To imply a familiar connection?

The next line slayed me. Rolling in the aisles, material. What was it? “Campaigns are expensive undertakings”. Something in that vein.

So we pay for them to go around, on the stump. Then when they get elected they keep their dosh? Pay themselves huge salaries, expense accounts, barrels of pork and sometimes good ol’ back handers. Then party hq sends out a missive and we’re supposed to dribble in our bucks? For Mr. Buck, to go to Ottawa.

Nice work if you can get it; tra-la-la ….

Nice work if you can get it

New lamps for old …

Lately, on the internet and through UTube. I can purchase any number of sweaters, etc. From the channels I once watched. It is bizarre, to say so but it’s like walking through a bad shopping mall now. New clothes, with logos.

Logos, now there’s a thing. We all got a logo right? Pretty sure one here on my account? Maybe’s it is called something else? But it is my site logo. We all got ’em. Some of those channels are more successful than others. Algorithms control your content flow. They all seem to have clothing for sale. Like I need another … whatever? With the logo?

You should be paying me.

Yeah, don’t do logos. There is a couple of subtle ones, on my apparel. In general … logo free.

3D printing …? It’s your own plastic factory. Churning out custom plastic stuff. Get over it … One would think it is the “holy grail” or something?

“Oh, I did this on my 3D printer” …. see the threads on Redditt. An inexpensive 3D is 1800 smackers for the cheap one. Then you buy the plastic.

Our building used to have a good janitor/custodian. Paid for out of the strata fees. Less than a month after the guy and his family was let go and a “services” contractor has appeared. The general maintenance has gone for a loop. I wonder if those on the strata council; get what they wished for? To me it is a cruel joke. Perpetrated on the unwary and aging. Then I do tend to see the worst in it all?

They always start the same way …

“Hello Friend” …

The amount of spam generated by political parties here in “Nuckland.
Is horrendous. Suppose they are computer generated? By bots?

They all start the same way, “Hello Friend”.
These are from people that tell us, they are adept.

Hello Friend … a song from the ol’ Opry? Sung deep and low
Liberal,  Conservative, come who may. “Have we ever got a deal for you”?

Who was it that said, “Never give a sucker an even break”?
Some friends come and visit for tea, some come even for a chat.

These people never come, not even for the cash.
Hiding behind envelopes & fancy email accounts.

The spam comes to us, with lovely crafted headers
Beneath comes the pitch,  silk sheets, or leathers

Dire calamity that will befall us, if they do not get the dosh
A friendly tone they do adopt, of reason and persuasion

Calculated to be the perfect pitch, of that we may be certain
Coming three or four times a day, now they have electronic communication.

They send them too in the regular mail, just to be certain
You didn’t miss the earlier missive, from email central Misses.

Their names are expected to be, known to all and sundry
Beneath names, titles of their grandeur. Office this and office that

Overly familiar tones, thrust in your direction.
Of that we may be certain, politeness rules the day.

But …. Please give us your pay!


Now that black Friday is over …

Now that Black Friday is over
Cyber Monday come and gone,
The merchants sit in the corner
counting up, the week-end’s gain

Taking an aim at next month
to cheerfully announce
that one of giving, treating, celebration
we have the supplies, that you want

Messages get forgotten, intent maligned
we have recipes, tips and ways to enhance
the moments of gratification
for a saviour of mankind

That’s the kind of folks we are
thronging in the malls
the new religious buildings of new religions manned
By bureaucrats, not diplomats; for heaven

Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Prophet and on
safely tucked away, messages forgotten.
To be pulled out for celebration
good sales and promotion

Drifting on down the aisle, the music fades
we are left alone, the racks of unsold clothes
like canyons of felt …rise up
Yet, God is safely there. In my heart …

It must be Friday already ..?

Judging from the amount of emails, telling me the countdown is on?
Fired up, ready to serve.
We will take the cash in hand, or on the card
When it’s Black Friday.

Still only Thursday?
The competition is on.
People you are debt free today?
so c’mon get some more, of our special kind of debt

The parking lots are bigger now
Everything inside,
employees there to serve us
8am to 10pm open for our business

Paper money made of plastic,
coins with seven sides,
we’ll take it all,
credit cards besides

Black Friday, oh black Friday,
what is it that you’ve done?
to warrant the intrusion of Thanksgiving
Into Christmas’ domain


One of my fave bloggers … knows which way is up!

The Oligarch Kings

merkel 1

As Enoch Powell once mused, all political lives end in failure.  In that like an actor or comedian that is getting too long in the tooth and forgetting their timing, politicians never know when to leave the stage.

Had Angela Merkel decided to slope off in 2014 or so she would be remembered as one of the greatest post war leaders Europe ever saw.  Mutti indeed.  She has been in power even longer than FDR.  But no, like Adenauer before her she sat too long.

Her political legacy will be forever linked with that disastrous folly of allowing in unrestricted immigration in 2015 albeit done in a fit of well-meaning open heartedness.  It opened the floodgates to the right all across Europe and the AFD at home.  The ruin of a career.  Angela’s ashes indeed.  One lesson Donald might be learning as his own caravan of migrants approaches.

She now…

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